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We guarantee to return you to a good night's sleep and treat your Sleep Apnea with CPAP!!!

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Get a Good Night′s Rest with our CPAP Machines, Masks and Accessories

Respiratory product such as, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, is the best way to improve or eliminate the symptoms of sleep apnea. You will find that our well-stocked website has a large variety of high-quality CPAP machines, masks and accessories that you are looking for.

CPAP therapy is the most effective way to resolve fatigue, morning headaches and memory problems, due to sleep apneas. The therapy also greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, CPAP therapy is the number one treatment recommended by doctor for sleep apnea.

How Do CPAP Machines Work?

During sleep, patients with sleep apnea suffer from a series of abnormal pauses in breathing. These breathing pauses (known as apneas) are accompanied by loud, intermittent snoring. When sleep apnea sufferers use CPAP machines to improve their health, these machines deliver pressurized airflow that regulates breathing.

By keeping the airway open all through the night, CPAP machines allow sleep apnea sufferers to stop apnea episodes before they start. The end result is deep, restful sleep that is truly life-changing.

We Offer Premium Products for an Affordable Price, with 30-days price Match guarantee (in Canada)

Our Toronto-based business offers high-tech, easy-to-use equipment that delivers superior performance for an affordable price. Since we′re Canada′s most reputable and trustworthy CPAP equipment supplier, we offer our valued clientele access to the most respected CPAP brands, such as ResMed, DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel and Kego.

Our customers appreciate the competitive prices and superb quality of the products that we provide. You are always welcome visit our Toronto location or visit our convenient,virtual store front to place your order.

Since our company is a registered vendor (through the Ontario Ministry of Health′s Assistive Devices Program - ADP), we offer the highest standard of service to our clients. When you choose CPAPClinic.ca, you'll be assured of timely delivery of the best CPAP treatment products. In addition, we are proud to offer all visitors access to a blog that details plenty of practical information about sleep apnea and its symptoms, effects, and treatments.

What We Offer

To serve you better, we are proud to offer you the high-quality technology products for sleep apnea testing and treatment, including Auto-PAP and CPAP machines, masks, replacement parts and accessories. Every product that we sell is manufactured by companies which are approved by Health Canada.

Our Toronto-based specialists will go the extra mile to assist you and give you the best legendary services for your CPAP therapy. We provide home setup and mask replacements even outside of regular business hours.

As you can see, our company is a cut above. If you want to feel refreshed and energized when you wake up, be sure to browse our selection of products today. We have what it takes to make you feel so much better.

We Offer Caring, Compassionate Service

At www.CPAPClinic.ca, we care about your health. If you′re suffering from obstructive, central or mixed sleep apnea, and you need treatment solutions and accessories that will help you to feel better and to enjoy life more, you′ll appreciate our caring, compassionate attitude. All of our team members are sleep apnea treatment specialists. This means that we know how to assist you with decreasing or eliminating even the worst symptoms of sleep apnea. Common side effects and symptoms of sleep apnea include loud, intermittent snoring, stop-starts in breathing that occur all through the night, morning headaches and daytime fatigue. If you suffer from these troublesome side effects, you need the sort of caring service that we will provide.

We have studied different brands and products, sourcing out the best sleep apnea treatment solutions. To give you the options that you deserve, we haveve provided you with a variety of products at different price points. When you choose us, you will find the perfect product for your needs and budget.

If you have questions about Cleaning CPAP products, or any of our other CPAP and anti-snoring products, please reach out to our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Cleaning and Disinfecting CPAP machines

We use specilized disinfector which is capable to kill various bacteria and viruses inside the CPAP machine.


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Our services: Focusing on patients care we offer at-home sleep apnea screening, setups and mask fitting at-home during extended business hours. You can rent or have a trial of new technology to try and feel the difference.
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