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KEGO CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask : # SM03002 Ms Wizard 230 with Headgear , Extra Small, Medium Large

KEGO CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask : # SM03002 Ms Wizard 230 with Headgear , Extra Small, Medium Large
KEGO CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask : # SM03002 Ms Wizard 230 with Headgear , Extra Small, Medium Large
Manufacturer: KEGO CPAP Accessories and Supplies

Ms Wizard 230 with Headgear , Extra Small, Medium Large

Product Code: KG-SM03002
In stock, available for the same day shipping (only 1 left).

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$ 185.00
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Product Overview


The Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear is designed specifically for women with a soft lavender headgear and three sizes of nasal pillows including extra small. The fully rotating elbow allows the short tube to be directed up and over the head, held in place with the tube retainer clip on the headgear, just like magic!


Manufactured by Apex Medical




Product Features

The Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal Pillow Mask is a lightweight mask offering an open feeling and unrestricted view. This is a nasal pillow system and seals at the bottom opening of each nostril. It delivers therapy air to the nose only.

  1. 3 Sizes of Self Adjusting Pillows
  2. Lightweight Materials
  3. Angled Headgear for Stability
  4. Tube Retainer Clip Included
  5. Short Tube with Ball & Socket Elbow
  6. Quick Release Tube Connection
  7. Cleaning Brush & Storage Bag


Self Adjusting Nasal Pillows

Three sizes of nasal pillow are included with the Ms. Wizard 230. Having the Extra Small, Small and Medium size nasal pillows means there are fit options right out of the package, helping to remove the guess work of finding the right size. The soft and flexible pillows are designed to turn to the nostril for a comfortable and secure fit. With the nasal pillow facing you, the size is embossed on the LEFT side of the nasal pillow. The nasal pillows detach from the mask frame for care and cleaning.

Lightweight Materials

The Wizard 230 weighs in at just 2.85 ounces. It uses lightweight materials to construct a reliable mask design with a good seal. A lightweight mask reduces pressure on the face and helps to avoid mask drag which can disrupt the seal.

Headgear Design Features

The Wizard 230 headgear supports the fit and seal of the nasal pillows using angled reinforcements on the side straps. The crown strap buckle, with two points of adjustment, has a built in tube retainer clip which can be used to hold the tube up. Prefer to have the tube directed downward? The retainer clip can be removed from the crown strap buckle. The back strap provides added stability during movement and has two points of adjustment.

Elbow and Short Tube Features

The Ms. Wizard 230 mask offers a ball and socket joint connection at the elbow to allow the tube to freely rotate, accommodating movement during sleep. Or, if desired, the elbow allows the hose to be rotated to pass up over the head and held in place by the tube retainer clip. The short tube connected to the elbow is lightweight and flexible helping to reduce tugging on the mask from the long hose. The handy quick release swivel allows the long hose to be easily detached from the mask for bathroom breaks.

Cleaning Brush & Carry Bag

Apex understands the need to care for equipment enhancing therapy and prolonging the life of the mask. A cleaning brush sized and designed to fit into the nooks and crannies of a nasal pillow is included with the Wizard mask. Use the included ventilated storage bag to the hold the Ms. Wizard when not in use.

Packing List

CPAP products packing list (3) Sizes of Self Adjusting Pillows (1) Angled Headgear for Stability (1) Tube Retainer Clip Included (1) Short Tube with Ball & Socket Elbow (1) Quick Release Tube Connection (1) Cleaning Brush & Storage Bag


The manufacturer recommends that new patients purchase their devices, masks and initial accessories from a homecare company that can provide an individualized patient equipment setup, clinical and after-sales support, and a program to assist patients with therapy success.
CPAP Clinic meets this set of requirements by providing you with the following services:

  • at-home visit for personal assistance and training
  • unlimited toll-free telephone support before and after sale
  • unlimited email support before and after sale
  • appropriate CPAP and Auto-CPAP set-up according to prescribed pressure setting

Contact an Expert, its FREE. Call 1-877-430-CPAP(2727) or Email:

CPAP Users Testimonials

Always excellent
I have been nothing but totally impressed by the service, speedy shipping, prompt responses and low prices. Nothing more I could ask for. Hubert especially,is amazing.
 Matt Simmons Bolton

Service Excellent
Je suis de la regions de montréal et tout les fournisseurs de machine CPAP sont très dispendieux (2000$ et +) pour le meme équipements. J ai eu cette référenca par une amie, j hésitait à acheter une machine sur internet car c était ma première machine et je ne savait pas vraiment comment cela allait fonctionner. Pour 700$ de moins je me suis essayer ! ils ont répondu a toutes mes questions rapidements et je peux vous dire que j en était gêner de poser autant de questions mais les réponses était clairs et precise et ils m ont fait sentir que ca leur fesait plaisir de me répondre ! La machine à été pré-programmer selon ma prescription, envoyer la journée meme que j ai passer la commande, super service et très rapides. Même un fois la machine recu, j avais d autres question et ils se sont fait un plaisir de m y répondres. Mon pneumologue as pris en notes les informations afin de pouvoir referrer les personnes qui n ont pas d assurances ! Félicitation a toute l équipe !
 Martin Mirabel

Would leave 0 star if possible ordered F20 mask on Mar 6 online it said there were 12 in stock got an email saying out of stock but would be shipped in a day or two. I just talked with them and they say 1 more week for stock to arrive they charged my credit card at time of order so I paid for something I can t use had to cancel order to get my money back online it says 9 in stock rep says online not updated. They need to get on the ball.
 Wayne Appleton


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