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Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1121162 Dreamstation Carry Case Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1121162 Dreamstation Carry Case-/catalog/accessories/respironics/1121162-01
Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1121162 Dreamstation Carry Case-/catalog/accessories/respironics/1121162-01

Dreamstation Carry Case

Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1121162 Dreamstation Carry Case

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Product Overview

This stylish, dark gray Travel Bag from Philips Respironics is designed for use with all DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP machines. It comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of use. The DreamStation Travel Bag is designed for the user on the go with plenty of space for the DreamStation CPAP with or without humidifier, as well as a mask, tubing, power supply and other accessories. An internal mesh pocket is convenient for storage of paperwork and manuals. The travel bag is adjustable shoulder strap can be shortened so that it works as a handle or lengthened into a comfortable shoulder strap. There is also a backstrap on the case to make it easy for sliding over the extended handles of other luggage items.

Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1121162 Dreamstation Carry Case

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CPAP Users Testimonials

new machine

Have a new machine and it is wonderful. Even tells me if my mask leaks. Quiet operation. Found you 6 years ago and have used you ever since. You give excellent service and have reasonable prices. Friendly and knowledgable ,can even order over the phone and have delivery. Thank you Helen

Helen Brampton

Awesome care provided by Barrie CPAP Clinic

I got my sleep test reviewed and was recommended by my Doctor to see June at the Barrie CPAP Clinic. Its now a year and a half later, I do not normally give recommendations to others but in this case I cannot give a HIGHER recommendation! I now know a few friends that have these devices and have found they were never educated or coached in their sleep therapy. From DAY ONE, June and her team has been there for me, telling me what and why each machine and accessory is best for me, helped me with setting changes and reviewing the data so that my sleep therapy has a gone so SUPER smooth

Doug Mitchell Brechin

Alex the Great

i tell this story often to people who ask about my Res med 10.....and the 9 i had before.....I say like anything else its a process to understand the lifestryle change of choosing you future health or just keep suffering.,....Its about the support you can get from someone....I must have talked to Alex 3 or 4 times over a month when he coached me up and i stayed in touch for 10 years....i have bought two such machines.....I got a call from someone who i offered my phone number and said ....you need one but you also will need support....And the Cpap clinic provided me the support until i knew that my Res med 9 and 10 were my best friend.....for 10 years or more i have breathed easier ...my nasal polyps are gone....they went when i used the heated hose.....i actually sleep 7 or 8 hours not two or 3.....Alex i am indebted too you Sir.....

charles gould ssssu