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ResMed CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask : # 62900 AirFit™ P10 with headgear , Small, Medium, Large

ResMed CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask : # 62900 AirFit P10 with headgear      , Small, Medium, Large
Manufacturer: ResMed Sleep Apnea Solutions

AirFit™ P10 with headgear , Small, Medium, Large

Product Code: RM-62900
In stock, available for the same day shipping (only 48 left).

Catalog Price:
Online Price:
$ 218.00
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#62900 --- AirFit P10 Small, Medium, Large $175.00
#62910 --- AirFit P10 Extra Small, Small, Medium $175.00
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Product Overview

A quieter mask to fit your sleep

The AirFit P10 nasal pillows mask is part the new AirFit series; the right fit for you. This is the quietest mask yet from ResMed, offering the reliability and performance of the Swift FX in a design that is light and quieter by approximately 50 percent*. A study also found that patients using the AirFit P10 slept more than 40 minutes longer per night**.

More than 40 minutes of extra sleep, every night

In a recent clinical study, ResMed found that patients slept more than 40 minutes longer per night when using the ResMed AirFit P10**. That is almost five hours per week of additional sleep, helping ensure patients will stay compliant with their sleep therapy.

*ResMed Testing Ref: D000-0201; eLB0798-206
**ResMed Clinical Study comparing AirFit P10 to Swift FX Ref: D629-117

    AirFit P10 Features and Benefits

  • Dual-wall technology with trampoline action seals on contact, dispersing air gently to the nose.

  • Key-clip nasal pillows off effortless assembly, with colour coding for easy sizing and left/ right orientation to ensure patients fit mask properly.

  • Innovative flexi tube is ultra-light and flexible yet highly durable, offering patients full freedom of movement without compromising seal.

  • QuietAir woven-mesh venting quietly directs exhaled air, so it is barely noticeable to patients and their bed partners.

  • QuickFit elastic headgear with unique split-strap design provides stability and adjustability with minimal facial contact.

  • ResMed AirFit P10 User Guide
    ResMed AirFit P10 Product Guide


Flexi-tube Length: 17 inches including swivel

Headgear Length: 19.25 inches

Headgear Width: .75 inch

Mask Cleaning: Hand wash daily using mild detergent, rinse well and air dry

Headgear Cleaning: Hand wash weekly using mild detergent, rinse well and air dry

Therapy Pressure: 4 - 20 cm H2O

Patient Weight: Greater than 66 pounds

Does NOT Contain: Latex, PVC, DEHP or phthalates

Replacement Parts

  Part # Description Price
RM-62930 AirFit™ P10 Pillow
Extra Small
Catalog: $42.00
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RM-62931 AirFit™ P10 Pillow
Catalog: $42.00
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RM-62932 AirFit™ P10 Pillow
Catalog: $42.00
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RM-62933 AirFit™ P10 Pillow
Catalog: $42.00
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RM-62935 AirFit™ P10 QuickFit Elastic Headgear
Catalog: $44.00
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RM-62936 AirFit™ P10 QuickFit for Her Elastic Headgear
Catalog: $44.00
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Catalog: $
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Packing List

CPAP products packing list

1 - ResMed AirFit P10 Frame System

1 - Resmed AirFit P10 QuickFit Elastic Headgear

1 - ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow in size Small

1 - ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow in size Medium

1 - ResMed AirFit P10 nasal pillow in size Large

1 - User Guide


The manufacturer recommends that new patients purchase their devices, masks and initial accessories from a homecare company that can provide an individualized patient equipment setup, clinical and after-sales support, and a program to assist patients with therapy success.
CPAP Clinic meets this set of requirements by providing you with the following services:

  • at-home visit for personal assistance and training
  • unlimited toll-free telephone support before and after sale
  • unlimited email support before and after sale
  • appropriate CPAP and Auto-CPAP set-up according to prescribed pressure setting

Contact an Expert, its FREE. Call 1-877-430-CPAP(2727) or Email:

CPAP Users Testimonials

Service Excellent
Je suis de la regions de montréal et tout les fournisseurs de machine CPAP sont très dispendieux (2000$ et +) pour le meme équipements. J ai eu cette référenca par une amie, j hésitait à acheter une machine sur internet car c était ma première machine et je ne savait pas vraiment comment cela allait fonctionner. Pour 700$ de moins je me suis essayer ! ils ont répondu a toutes mes questions rapidements et je peux vous dire que j en était gêner de poser autant de questions mais les réponses était clairs et precise et ils m ont fait sentir que ca leur fesait plaisir de me répondre ! La machine à été pré-programmer selon ma prescription, envoyer la journée meme que j ai passer la commande, super service et très rapides. Même un fois la machine recu, j avais d autres question et ils se sont fait un plaisir de m y répondres. Mon pneumologue as pris en notes les informations afin de pouvoir referrer les personnes qui n ont pas d assurances ! Félicitation a toute l équipe !
 Martin Mirabel

Outstanding provider for both CPAP equipment and assistance
As a CPAP user for over 6 years, I was delighted to find CPAP Clinic about 4 years ago. After my experience with 2 other providers they are in a league of their own. Over the last period of 4 years I have bought online or just walked in and the service is always the same - helpful, knowledgeable, fast and reliable and, in comparison to other providers, extremely reasonable costs. I must thank Melissa, Julie, Bill and Alex who have each helped me at one time or another for their patience and assistance in improving my CPAP experience. I just bought my 2nd machine after 5 years - Airsense 10 - and I am amazed at the improvement the experience. I highly recommend the CPAP Clinic for anyone needing CPAP material or assistance.
 David Turley Scarborough

The service. Is so outstanding. Also, you can t beat the price. Alex will do anything to make you happy wih your product. I m lucky to have found CPAP clinic! I can t say enough good things.
 David Westcott Spruce Grove


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