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The City of Brantford and the County of Brant are nestled on the picturesque Grand River in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

  • Brantford • Brant is a special place to live, work and play. Just a short drive from Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo, Brantford • Brant is in the centre of it all.
  • Brantford • Brant offers big-city living with a small-town feel. The community offers affordable housing in both rural and urban locations, as well as below-average living costs.
  • Brantford • Brant takes pride in its multicultural diversity. For over 30 years Brantford has hosted the International Villages Festival, where ethnic groups set up villages around the city and offer traditional food, a multitude of cultural activities and share cultural exhibits.
  • Brantford is sometimes known by the nickname "The Telephone City", after the city's most famous resident, Alexander Graham Bell, who brought fame to Brantford when he invented the telephone in 1874. The city was named after the Mohawk leader, Joseph Brant, who is buried nearby.

The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration provided funding for the development of the Brantford • Brant newcomer website. Visit the Cities and Towns section of for more municipal newcomer sites.