There is a proven link between weight gain and the development of sleep apnea. If you suffer from this sleep disorder and you’re carrying a few extra pounds, it may be time to make some changes that will contribute to a leaner build and fewer sleep apnea symptoms.

While losing weight may not eradicate your sleep apnea health issues, it may ease them, especially when proper diet and exercise are combined with the right sleep apnea treatments.

Here are some tried-and-true ways to lose some body fat this year:

Eat More Vegetarian Meals

While lean meat and fish are generally healthy choices, adding a few more vegetarian meals into your daily diet may spur weight loss. Most vegetarians weigh about ten pounds less than their meat-eating counterparts. If you’re considering going vegetarian or vegan, remember to take B12 vitamin supplements on a regular basis; this is the only nutrient you won’t be able to get from food.

Examples of tasty vegetarian recipes that won’t leave you feeling deprived may be found at a host of websites, such as PostPunk Kitchen.

Eat more legumes, such as chickpeas, navy beans, and black beans; use them in lieu of fatty steaks or pork. Try almond milk or rice milk instead of dairy milk. These small changes will save you calories, and they may also lower your cholesterol levels. If you’re going to eat meat, choose low-fat turkey or chicken breast (with the skin removed).

Find Exercise that Really Fits Your Personality

The problem with a lot of exercise regimens is that they feel like tiresome chores; since we all have plenty of chores to do anyway, it’s important to find exercise options that are actually entertaining. Instead of burning fat on a treadmill and hating every minute of it, think about what sorts of exercise routines will actually make you happy.

Going for a moderately-difficult hike in a really beautiful area will likely be far more inspiring that suffering in the gym. Tennis or swimming are also very satisfying exercise options for many people. Yoga or Pilates may be wonderful choices for men and women who don’t like traditional circuit training or aerobics.

Get Proper Sleep Apnea Treatments

When we don’t get enough satisfying rest, our bodies get stressed, and our cortisol (“stress” hormone) levels become elevated; this wreaks havoc on the thyroid gland. The thyroid plays a role in determining our metabolic rate; it impacts the way our bodies burn calories.

To keep your body working efficiently and to raise your metabolic rate, you must rest and decrease stress hormone levels. If you’re not treating your sleep apnea correctly, it may actually be contributing to your weight issues. Break the vicious cycle by seeking out sleep apnea treatments, such as CPAP machines, that regulate airflow and facilitate even breathing during the night.

When you choose a ResMed CPAP : S9 Elite w/ H5i & ClimateLine or another effective sleep apnea treatment, you’ll sleep deeply and feel less stressed, exhausted, and irritated during the day.

Improve Your Health with the Right Sleep Apnea Treatments

Sleep Apnea takes its toll on your health and personal happiness; without the right treatments, you may find that life is just one big chore.

To break the cycle of fatigue and moodiness, all you need is the right treatments. CPAP machines and comfortable nasal masks and pillows will regulate your breathing during the night, helping you to get the deep, restful sleep you need so much.

A sleep apnea treatment machine is an investment in your own health; it’s an important health care accessory that may change your life overnight.

Right now, we’re offering a trio of excellent sleep apnea treatment products at very low sale prices. Click HERE to view these useful and high-quality designs. Take control of your well being by choosing high-tech products that help you to sleep deeply the whole night through.


  1. Well said, there’s only one good thing in life, lose weight. And It’s help your blood pressure, your joints, and as well increase your vitality. There’s no guarantee weight loss, in itself, is going to clear up sleep apnea, but it won’t hinder it, and it has many other benefits.


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