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If you′re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and you′re curious about CPAP nasal pillow masks, look no further. CPAP nasal pillow masks come in a variety of comfortable styles for every sort of person, and they work with CPAP machines to provide perfect airflow that blocks the stop-starts in breathing that characterize obstructive sleep apnea. Your CPAP nasal pillow mask will give you the health benefits that you seek, without costing a lot of money. In many cases, you′ll be able to buy your mask and have it covered by your medical insurance.
Please take a moment to select your ideal nasal pillows mask.

CPAP therapy is the #1, doctor-recommended treatment for sleep apnea. By using CPAP nasal masks, CPAP machines and CPAP accessories, our clients regulate their breathing all through the night, thereby eliminating even the worst symptoms of sleep apnea (such as loud, intermittent snoring and stop-starts in breathing). Since a nasal mask is such an important part of CPAP therapy, choosing the right design is very important. When you purchase an affordable, high-performance CPAP mask through our company, you′ll access the sort of quality that you really deserve.

Thanks to technological advances, CPAP nasal pillows are now more comfortable than ever before. Crafted from supple materials that cling without chafing, these modern designs will feel like a part of you as you sleep. Since our CPAP masks and nasal pillows may be fitted to your specific facial contours, they will provide you with customized fit that is tailor-made for your own personal needs.
Examples of features included in our CPAP nasal masks include cushioning that protects pressure points, sealing options for secure fit, vents that direct air away from bed partners, and whisper-quiet performance that will never disturb bed partners. As you can see, the latest designs are high-tech, very comfortable, and so easy to use. Because we choose only the best brands and styles, every sleep apnea mask that we offer is created according to the highest industry standards.

Our products feature warranties, and we back up everything that we sell with the most dedicated customer service. Whether you buy online or in our Toronto retail outlets, you′ll find that our company provides professional, polite service that is prompt, caring, and designed to improve your health in short order.

At, we know just how serious sleep apnea is, and we are committed to helping others by providing effective treatment solutions that restore health and well-being.
Instead of suffering from the symptoms and side effects of sleep apnea, such as daytime fatigue, morning headaches, mental fog and mood swings, why not liberate yourself by choosing CPAP therapy? By delivering pressurized air and keeping your airway open, CPAP nasal masks make it possible to get a truly satisfying sleep.

To find out more about our CPAP nasal mask designs, browse our selection of sleep apnea masks today. If you have a question about our services, please reach out to us via the Contact Us section of this website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Alex....I again wanted to thank you for all your help with this cord and wanted to say sorry for all the confusion...I hate that it has been such a big headache and caused you extra work. I appreciate your patience with me. Thanks again, Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell

Excellent service and very professional

I have been using CPCP Clinic for the past 6 years (4 times a year on average) and constantly received great products (with great warranties) along with excellent service. I`ve always had a great experience each time I dealt with Alex and his team. Alex truly cares about your needs and he goes out of his way to make sure you are satisfied. I find the prices to be very good and the shipping is very fast as well. I definitely recommend them for any of your CPAP supplies needs.

Mihai Negulescu Ajax

I ordered a 30 watt power supply for my Resmed S9 as I am traveling and don t want to pack the large heavy 90 watt power supply or the humidifier that came with the S9 while travelling. The order was here on the west coast within the week and it works great!! The size and weight of my suit case also thanks you!! Thank you CPAP Clinic for the great product and excellent service!

Dave Cobble Hill BC