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Auto-CPAP trials and rent-to-own CPAP Program

As part of our continued efforts providing our clients with the best apnea treatment available we offer:
  • up to 14 days trials
  • Monthly rental programs
  • Lease-to-own the Auto-CPAP machine

CPAP & Auto-CPAP trial

The technology progress bring to the market new features and improvements for existing machines. In order to allow our clients taking advantage and try those features we allow a short-term trials.
For a first time users this experience maybe critical to determine which machine or what features are essential to get the most effective treatment and which features will be waste of money to purchase.

The trial duration is up to 30 days.

Cost: $260.00 *This cost is used toward the purchase.

Monthly Rent of CPAP / Auto-CPAP

You can enjoy a rental machine during times where your machine is being returned or repaires under your manufacturers warranty. Instead of spending sleepless nights waiting on the return of your machine, purchase a rental period and sleep soundly while your unit is repaired.

Cost: $150.00/month *This cost is used toward the purchase.

This option ideal for people waiting insurance approval but still want to ensure that you receive effective therapy.

Lease-to-own Auto-CPAP Program

Sometimes purchasing the CPAP or Auto-CPAP system with mask and humidifier maybe very expensive.

    Therefore, we offer 2 options:
  • medical financing with 3rd party which allows you to spread the payments over 1, 3 or 5 years
  • making monthly payment with option to complete the purchase within 6 months

Note: All CPAP machines and humidifiers are sanitized by our in house technicians and contain brand new disposable filters.

Nowadays, renting is often more cost-effective than purchasing and this holds true even for CPAP machines. If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea and you appear to respond to medications, lifestyle changes and adjunct therapy for your health condition, then renting is the best option for many reasons.

For one thing, you need not spend hundreds of dollars purchasing a machine that you will be using on a temporary basis. You are better off spending the purchase cost on something else, say, overdue bills.
For another thing, you will not be saddled with the maintenance costs of the CPAP machine. Indeed, even as you strive to be healthy, your pockets will also suffer a dent. Plus, you also have the benefit of not being burdened with CPAP machines that may be outdated sooner than you can take a deep breath.

So, how exactly do you go about renting a CPAP machine? Well, you can go about it in two ways:
* Browse the Internet for manufacturers and retailers that offer CPAP units and accessories on a trial basis. Often, these sites offer good deals on CPAP machines complete with useful and practical advice on how to cope with your sleep apnea. * Ask your doctor for referrals to clinics that offer free clinical trials for sleep apnea patients.
When determining if the machine is the right one for you, we strongly suggest doing your research, asking your doctor and just simply trying on the mouth and nose pieces to see if these fit you. Keep in mind that what works best on one person may not work best on you considering the varying needs that CPAP therapy
And do not worry too much about the time of day when you should be visiting sites and stores for rental deals on CPAP machines. The Internet being open 24/7 365 days a year, you are bound to find a site that will answer to your needs sooner than later.

When looking at rental deals for the CPAP units, you should carefully look at the fine print. This way, you can protect yourself from fraud, bogus claims and other terms and conditions that may not be in your favor later on.
Most rental deals, however, will be upfront about the number of days the lease is effective, the amount of the lease and the rights and responsibilities of each party concerned. You can often choose from trial periods ranging from daily and weekly to monthly rentals. You should add in shipping and handling charges to the rental cost on the CPAP machines as well.
Or you may opt for the rent-to-own terms, which allows for your rental fees to be considered as amortization fees. You will pay installment fees and charges, of course, but this is the most cost-effective way of owning a CPAP machine without the large expenditure in one go.
In conclusion, CPAP machines for rent are one of the best options in safeguarding your physical health from the ravages of sleep apnea while making sure that you pockets stay healthy, too.

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CPAP Sanitizer

Cleaning and Disinfecting CPAP machines

This disinfector which is capable to kill various bacteria and viruses inside the CPAP machine.

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