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CPAP Nasal Pillows Mask

If you′re suffering from obstructive sleep apnea and you′re curious about CPAP nasal pillow masks, look no further. CPAP nasal pillow masks come in a variety of comfortable styles for every sort of person, and they work with CPAP machines to provide perfect airflow that blocks the stop-starts in breathing that characterize obstructive sleep apnea. Your CPAP nasal pillow mask will give you the health benefits that you seek, without costing a lot of money. In many cases, you′ll be able to buy your mask and have it covered by your medical insurance.
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CPAP Clinic: Sleep Apnea Treatment and Snoring Solutions, www.CPAPclinic.ca

Opus 360 with Headgear


Catalog: $175.00

CPAP Users Testimonials

Service professionnel

J ai reçu ma pièce de rechange rapidement. Très bon prix et service. Je recommande. Merci

René Faulkner St-Liguori Qc

Resmed AirMini Autoset

This travel unit is amazing ! Small, light and efficient. Quick and easy set up. Bluetooth connected immediately with no issue. Helpful phone app that gives you a sleep score each night. I am so happy that the folks at the CPAP Clinic exchanged the Z1 I originally purchased for this unit. Thank you !

Jeff BC

Extraordinary Service Once Again!

Once again, I am overwhelmed with the quality of service from the CPAP Clinic. The extreme patience and kindness of my many enquiries from Juli has me once again, overwhelmed with the extraordinary service I keep receiving from the CPAP Clinic! I have been shopping for all of my CPAP accessories for a few years now and I would never go elsewhere. I just purchased a CPAP machine and Juli was so helpful to share her knowledge and suggestions while making my purchase. The service I always receive far exceeds other CPAP clinics as far as I m concerned. I live in Saskatchewan; previously BC and Alberta and the shipping is quick and so easy! Thank you to everyone at the CPAP Clinic for being the best!

Brenda Baldwin Moose Jaw