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Welcome to London. In things traditional and contemporary, you'll discover our city offers plenty to see and do. The links within the Visitors section of www.london.ca as well as the Tourism London website will help you become familiar with our city and what it offers. Known as the Forest City, we're big enough to have everything you need - in dining, culture, entertainment, shopping, sports - but with the added plus of a friendly ambience that is reminiscent of smaller communities.

The buzz of London as a personal travel destination is ever growing, particularly, with our being the host venue for prestigious national and international sport and entertainment events.

Our calendar of festivals is year round, though summer is definitely the high season with special celebrations happening almost every weekend.

Actively inclined? Strap on skates, cycle, run or walk along our scenic pathway system that borders much of the banks of the Thames. As a golfer, you'll be spoilt for choice - there are more than 70 courses in London and its surrounding areas. From water to racquet sports there are recreational facilities to meet your interests.

Should you want a tranquil break, the Forest City lives up to its name. We have lots of parks and green spaces in the downtown core. Within easy distance, too, are preserved natural areas such as meadows and woodlands in residential neighbourhoods.

By road, rail or air, London is so accessible there's every reason to visit us! For example, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo are all within a 200 kilometre radius.

Historically, crime in London has been low for a city of its size, although the Hells Angels have set up a chapter and the city formerly housed a chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. In 2005, however, London had a record 14 homicides, giving the city a per capita murder rate of 3.8 per 100,000, twice the 2004 national average and about a third higher than in Toronto, where much concern was voiced in 2005 over violent crimes.

The Thames River dominates London's geography, with the North Thames River and Thames River meeting at the centre of the city known as "The Forks" or "The Fork of the Thames." The North Thames runs through the man-made Fanshawe Lake, located in northeast London. Fanshawe Lake was created by Fanshawe Dam, which was constructed to protect the areas down river from catastrophic flooding which affected the city on two occasions in the past (1883 and 1937).

Because of its location in the continent and proximity to the Great Lakes, London experiences very contrasting seasons. The summers are usually hot and muggy, while the winters are normally quite cold but with frequent thaws. London has the most thunder and lightning storms of any area in Canada. For its southerly location within Canada, it does receive quite a lot of snow, averaging slightly over 200cm (80 in.) per year. The majority of this is Lake effect snow originating from Lake Huron, some 60km (40 mi.) to the northwest which occurs when strong, cold winds blow from that direction.

London is present at the junction of Highway 401 that connects the city to Toronto and Detroit, USA, and Highway 402 to Sarnia. Also, Highway 403, which diverges from the 401 at nearby Woodstock, Ontario, provides ready access to Brantford, Hamilton, the Golden Horseshoe area, and the Niagara Peninsula.

Within London, as with many cities, traffic tends to congest in certain areas during rush hour. However, the lack of a municipal freeway (either through or around the city) as well as the presence of two significant railways (each with attendant switching yards and few over/under-passes) contributes heavily to this congestion. These conditions cause travel times to be highly variable with the time required to cross the city varying from 20 minutes to over an hour.