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Cpap clinic was very helpful in getting out the product I had ordered. They are quick and get order accurate. Also received some complimentary trial items which I will try out. Highly recommend their services.

Bob Ontario


Super excellent service and super fast. Great Prices! Very very Happy!

Paul Sudbury

excellent service and inventory

I received my first CPAP machine in April 2020. The provider didn t have inventory on the mask I requested. I understand the COVID pandemic played a factor and after two weeks of waiting and no contact regarding the mask on back-order, my daughter contacted you and had my mask in hand within 24 hours. She drove from my place in Vineland, ON to the store location in Mississauga, ON to pick up the mask she had reserved for me over the phone the day before. Thank you so much for helping me ease into the use of this machine.

Pia Vineland, ON