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CPAP-Clinic Anti-Snoring : # 927518 Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt  , XL/XXL CPAP-Clinic Anti-Snoring : # 927518 Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt  , XL/XXL-/catalog/accessories/bestinrest/927518-01
CPAP-Clinic Anti-Snoring : # 927518 Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt  , XL/XXL-/catalog/accessories/bestinrest/927518-01

Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt

Available Sizes:

CPAP-Clinic Anti-Snoring : # 927518 Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt , XL/XXL

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Product Overview

BEST IN REST ANTI-SNORING ELECTRONIC BELT This revolutionary belt serves as a sleep trainer for positional snoring and apnea. The anti-snoring belt continuously monitors your position throughout the night and vibrates whenever you are on your back. This alerts you to move onto your side which will prevent further snoring and positional apneas.

What’s Included:

  • One smart position control therapy device
  • One adjustable belt
  • Two adjustable fixing clips
  • Two type AAA 1.5 V batteries
  • Instructions for use.

Sizes: (S/M/L) or (XL/XXL)


CPAP-Clinic Anti-Snoring : # 927518 Anti-Snoring Electronic Belt , XL/XXL

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CPAP Users Testimonials

Great Service, Great People

I found this place online while searching for a replacement CPAP machine, they were close to my work so it was convenient to stop by. Called and made an appointment. The Consultant, Rob P., was knowledgeable, helpful, and made my experience above and beyond what I have previously had with other CPAP consultants. The appointment itself was an example of how all customer service interactions should go. Rob took the time to explain all of my options for the best machine for me, then went on to have me try on and experience the best mask for me. The prices for the equipment were fair and below most competitors. In addition to the great in person experience, was the follow up. I received both a follow up email from Rob, to ensure that I was satisfied with my equipment, but I also got a compliance and therapy report that I can request at anytime! This has been the greatest experience with a company that I have done business with in regards to specialty medical therapy, and I wish Rob and the CPAP Clinic many more years of successful business. I will be a repeat customer for life and will continue to support this great business.

David Gilbert Mississauga


excellent service I baughat res-med machine and mask. i received outstanding service and i found staff is very helpfull and knowledgable.

j. dhinsa thornhill

Alex the Great

i tell this story often to people who ask about my Res med 10.....and the 9 i had before.....I say like anything else its a process to understand the lifestryle change of choosing you future health or just keep suffering.,....Its about the support you can get from someone....I must have talked to Alex 3 or 4 times over a month when he coached me up and i stayed in touch for 10 years....i have bought two such machines.....I got a call from someone who i offered my phone number and said ....you need one but you also will need support....And the Cpap clinic provided me the support until i knew that my Res med 9 and 10 were my best friend.....for 10 years or more i have breathed easier ...my nasal polyps are gone....they went when i used the heated hose.....i actually sleep 7 or 8 hours not two or 3.....Alex i am indebted too you Sir.....

charles gould ssssu