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KEGO Accessories : # LM4000 Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer KEGO Accessories : # LM4000 Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer-/catalog/accessories/kego/Lumin-01
KEGO Accessories : # LM4000 Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer-/catalog/accessories/kego/Lumin-01

Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer

KEGO Accessories : # LM4000 Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer

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Product Overview

The 3B Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner disinfects using a very specialized and high powered UVC light source, the same type of light source used in hospital operating rooms and sterile clean rooms. UVC light will disinfect up to 99% of harmful bacteria, pathogens and fungi that can cause infection and illness. UV light is fast, safe and clean. There are no harmful chemicals. The 3B Lumin Bullet CPAP tubing cleaner device may be used with all brands of tubing, including heated hoses. Understanding Your Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner 3B Lumin Bullet CPAP cleaner operates using a specialized high powered germicidal UV LED. UV disinfection is effective on bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi and is well suited for keeping your CPAP tubing free from pathogens that can make you sick. CPAP hoses are in contact with warm moist air throughout the night, the ideal environment for breeding bacteria. Use of the Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner will help keep you healthy and compliant with your CPAP equipment. Because the 3B Lumin BULLET CPAP Cleaner operates using a form of high energy light, it is very effective in disinfecting your CPAP tubing. To keep your CPAP tubing clean and reduce the risk of infections, we recommend using bullet twice weekly on your CPAP hose. Using your 3B Lumin Bullet CPAP Cleaner Charge 3B Lumin Bullet by plugging in USB cord to bottom of Bullet The Bullet will glow RED while charging, and GREEN when fully charged Remove Bullet and place inside CPAP tubing cleaner so there is enough tubing hanging over to pull the tubing Place Bullet in shell, you will feel the magnets grab the Bullet Close shell and slide clasp until the shell locks, your Bullet is now activated Pull the tubing all the way to the right, then back to the left, ensuring you cover the entire length of tubing twice, this process should take 30-60 seconds for optimal disinfection Remove CPAP hose from Bullet, it is now ready to use.

KEGO Accessories : # LM4000 Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Sanitizer

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Good price

Alex has been great. I wanted to order a replacement CPAP machine. Alex gave me suggestions and I chose the one he suggested. The machine is so quieter than the previous one I had. I am totally satisfied. Gave some free perks like wipes extra gliders for mask etc. Alex also gave me a payment plan too. The cost of the machine was almost half the price the other sellers had. Fast shipping. Awesome. I will stick on this website for years to come.

Shanti Edmonton

John v

I found Ben to be exceptional to deal with and the price was right. I am certainly glad I found this Site.

john Belleville

Thank You

Thank you to the staff of Mississauga s CPAP Clinic, most especially to Rob Pearce who worked patiently and efficiently to find the solution to my apnea issues. Very much appreciated.

M. Martin Toronto