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Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120668 DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120668 DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly-/catalog/humidifiers/respironics/1120668-01
Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120668 DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly-/catalog/humidifiers/respironics/1120668-01

DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly

Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120668 DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly

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Product Overview

Philips Respironics' DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly is the replacement assembly used to prevent water damage to the DreamStation Heated Humidifier. Please Note: This is for the dry box assembly only and does not include the inlet seal. If interested in purchasing the inlet seal, it must be purchased separately. The seal can be found here. Dry Box technology is used on PR humidifier systems to protect the device from potential water leakage. In the instance that water may seep or spill from the water chamber into the unit, the dry box is designed to capture the water to keep it from spreading throughout the humidifier and CPAP therapy device. The Dry Box Assembly has an inlet seal located on the interior of the humidifier as well as a smaller seal located on the exterior of the unit where the machine and humidifier meet. Please Note: Only the interior, inlet seal is intended to be replaced. If the seal on the exterior of the humidifier assembly is damaged, a new assembly must be purchased.
Tips to Remove the Dry Box Assembly and the Inlet Seal Open the humidifier by gently pushing forward on the long tab found on the top of the humidifier. Remove the water chamber with both hands to prevent water from spilling into the heated device. Turn the humidifier to locate the dry box assembly located on the opposite side of the flip lid. Locate the small latch found on the side of the assembly which is nearest to the inlet seal. Press the latch to disengage the assembly from the humidifier. Once the unit has been removed, the seal will easily come apart from the dry box assembly. Caring for the Dry Box Assembly Use the following steps to maintain the longevity of the Dry Box Assembly: For simple, daily cleanings, use a damp cloth to to wipe the circumference of the assembly. For more complex cleanings, remove the assembly with care and place it in warm water. Use mild soap and warm water to thoroughly clean the assembly. Wipe the seal to remove excess water and place it out of the sunlight to air dry completely. Travel Tips Do not move the humidifier when the chamber is filled with water. Always remove the tank from the humidifier and extract all of the water when preparing to travel. After the tank has been emptied, let the chamber air dry completely away from direct sunlight. When all the equipment is dry, place the device in a carry-on bag to help protect the unit. Per the manufacturer, the carrying bag cannot guarantee the safety of the equipment when checked as luggage, so use the bag as a carry-on only.

Philips-Respironics Accessories : # 1120668 DreamStation Humidifier Dry Box Assembly

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Je suis de la regions de montréal et tout les fournisseurs de machine CPAP sont très dispendieux (2000$ et +) pour le meme équipements. J ai eu cette référenca par une amie, j hésitait à acheter une machine sur internet car c était ma première machine et je ne savait pas vraiment comment cela allait fonctionner. Pour 700$ de moins je me suis essayer ! ils ont répondu a toutes mes questions rapidements et je peux vous dire que j en était gêner de poser autant de questions mais les réponses était clairs et precise et ils m ont fait sentir que ca leur fesait plaisir de me répondre ! La machine à été pré-programmer selon ma prescription, envoyer la journée meme que j ai passer la commande, super service et très rapides. Même un fois la machine recu, j avais d autres question et ils se sont fait un plaisir de m y répondres. Mon pneumologue as pris en notes les informations afin de pouvoir referrer les personnes qui n ont pas d assurances ! Félicitation a toute l équipe !

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Have ordered 3 times recently. Excellent pricing, free shipping,quick online or via phone purchase experiences, reputable products, excellent customer service via phone as well with Dominic. Will be a repeat customer.


Excellent Service !!!

I was attended to by Dominique. He was very patient, professional, through and transparent. He explained everything very well and the most about the various options in terms of the machine and the accessories. ...... Its great service.

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