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Don't Ignore the Snoring...

Do You Snore? Are you always tired? ... it's time to assess your Sleep Apnea

CPAP Clinic now offers very efficient inexpensive at-home sleep apnea screening services to those who are concerned about sleep disordered breathing. The same day you return the screening device you will know if the snoring is just a noise or indicator of obstruction in your upper airway that cause oxygen levels to drop and disturb your sleep resulting in daytime sleepiness and fatigue.


Anti-Snoring Solutions: Chin-up Strips, Chin straps, Innovative Technologies and SnoreSeal

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anti-snoring chin-up strip
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Product Codes:
CS-22230 Tan Horseshoe Shape
CS-33330 Tan Boomerang shape
CS-11130 Original White Horseshoe shape

Pack of 30 disposable strips

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FDA cleared - Use Indications - 510(k)

1. Chin-Up Strips support the chin during sleep, thereby promoting and enhancing nasal breathing by reducing mouth breathing and oral venting.
2. Chin-Up Strips promote and enhance nasal breathing to help nasal strips reduce or eliminate snoring.

From the FDA:

  • Use Chin-Up Strips for Obstructive Sleep
  • Apnea only with prescribed CPAP therapy or other therapy prescribed by your doctor.

Model Name: Snore Seal
Product Code: SS-14
In stock - we always supply only new products in their original packaging.
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Model Name: Snoring Care
Product Code: CC-0550
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The most innovative technology developed with leading sleep scientists, Snoring Care is a non invasive system that detects snoring by using innovative sensors platform and a processing unit.

The sensors platform is designed to monitor your sleep and detect respiratory pattern, in order to determine snoring. Placed under the mattress, the sensors gather your personal sleep information and produce the appropriate feedback. The two sensors are designed such that only if you snore, the feedback unit will react, in case your spouse snores, you will not receive any feedback. The system processes the user's length of snores, number of snores per series, the number of breathing cessations during the night, and produces the appropriate feedback. The system is so accurate, that it can serve as a non invasive sleep laboratory.

The lightweight Snoring Care feedback unit is based on our sensors technology to simply, comfortably, and accurately monitor your sleep patterns. It is worn on your wrist during the night and once the sensors detect the breathing vibration typical for snoring and severe snoring, a gentle feedback is sent through the feedback unit. This signal unconsciously increases the soft tissue muscle tonus in the throat and thus helps keeping the air passage open.

The Snoring Care charger recharges your feedback unit during the day and provides your first window into how you slept the previous night. Every morning, the user friendly Sleep Improvement Scale display shows you an array of personal sleep information.

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Awesome Experience

Alex, thank you for your quick shipping and expertise. Been a CPAP user for over 12 years, and never will you find a better site, price or customer service as I have experience dealing with CPAPCLINIC.CA

Ken Orangeville


Alex visited me at my workplace to deliver and set up the machine rather than me having to go out all the way to Vaughn. The initial machine developed a fault and Alex quickly got another machine to me. I ve bought all my consumables from the CPAP Clinic over the phone and the service has been both easy and quick. OUTSTANDING service from this company.

Colin Bray Toronto

Cpap machine

I bought a machine approximately three years ago it started acting up so I called I was three weeks short of the warranty and they wouldn’t help me so now I’m paying $400 to get it fixed

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