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The population of the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) of Peterborough was 121,570 (Ontario 12,160,282, Canada 31,612,897) and of these 80,000 lived within the urban core. Peterborough lists as the 33rd largest urban area in Canada (14th in Ontario).

The Greater Peterborough Area is a unique community known for its exceptional quality of life and beautiful setting in the Kawarthas tourism region. Peterborough has everything - a multitude of recreational opportunities, a diverse industrial, commercial and agricultural base, quality health care and excellent schools - including two post-secondary institutions. Peterborough is just one hour from the Greater Toronto Area. Real estate is affordable, the air is clean and communities are safe.

With a population of approximately 135,000 (increases substantially in the summer season) the Greater Peterborough Area is the regional centre for East Central Ontario and draws from a market population of 350,000. Peterborough's proximity to major markets in Canada and the northeastern United States, combined with an effective transportation system that includes the largest commercial airport between Toronto and Ottawa, and four-lane access to the Greater Toronto Area, makes Peterborough an unparalleled setting as a business location.

Among the many successful Peterborough-based businesses serving local, national and international markets from Peterborough are:

Pepsico Foods (Quaker) General Electric FisherCast Global Siemens Milltronics Minute Maid SGS Lakefield Research Location On the Trent-Severn Waterway in the heart of the Kawarthas tourism region. One hour to Canada's largest market (Toronto). Six million people reside within a 320km (200mi) radius. Approximately 60% of Canada's population and 40% of the United States' population live within a 800km (500mi) radius.

Transportation A four-lane divided highway to Toronto (Hwy 35/115) serviced by major trucking companies, full rail service capabilities, and a municipal airport with a 5,000ft, 24hr lighted runway highlight Peterborough's transportation infrastructure. Toronto's Pearson International Airport is 140km (90mi) from Peterborough.

Population 74,600 (City of Peterborough) 135,000 (County and City of Peterborough)

Companies like General Electric and Outboard Marine, with their high paying manufacturing jobs, had a major impact on the growth of the city. Aging facilities and more expensive labour compared with the developing world worked against the city. The NAFTA agreement of the early 1990s saw a major shift in trading patterns for many Canadian companies. Other innovations like just in time delivery and pressure to produce ever cheaper goods impacted some of the large multi-nationals in the 1970s and 1980s. Today GE, PepsiCo Quaker, Siemens and numerous smaller manufacturing companies are experiencing significant growth. Minute Maid (Coca-Cola) recently invested $CDN20 million in a new warehouse and product line while auto parts supplier Ventra has doubled in size. Manufacturing job creation kept pace with the provincial average from 1991-2001. Lower costs, reliable labour and high quality post-secondary institutions are a competitive advantage for Peterborough. Peterborough was ranked number one location for business in Ontario by Canadian Business magazine in late 2004.

Peterborough Transit is the public transport operator for the City of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Currently they are in the process of upgrading their fleet and expanding service.