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Thunder Bay has become the regional services centre for Northwestern Ontario with most provincial departments represented. Lakehead University, established through the lobbying of local businessmen and professionals, has proved to be a major asset, reinforced by Confederation College. The same businessmen and professionals were the driving force behind the amalgamation of Fort William and Port Arthur in 1970.

ThunderBayTourismPartners is the official blog site for area tourism industry operators to get updates on Tourism Thunder Bay initiatives, statistics and upcoming industry events. It is also a place to hear ideas from the industry and engage in constructive discussion around growing the local tourism economy.

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Many people have asked how to access the Tourism Keys tutorials on-line. We recommend you spend time learning the tools with the on-line tutorials as they are valuable in helping the industry understand the true potential of on-line marketing to the future of tourism marketing.

Sleeping Giant

Thunder Bay's 50 million ton City mascot is known as the Sleeping Giant, the panoramic Sibley Peninsula, a formation of mesas and sills that juts out on Lake Superior and forms the body of water that is Thunder Bay. When viewed from the City, this remarkable peninsula resembles a reclining giant. The Sleeping Giant figures on the City of Thunder Bay's coat of arms and flag.

The formation is part of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park where dramatic steep cliffs are among the highest in Ontario at 240 metres. The southernmost point is known as Thunder Cape and has been depicted by many early Canadian artists. The park has natural, recreational and cultural opportunities during every season including hiking and biking, canoeing and kayaking, camping, wildlife viewing and photography, and winter sports like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The largest, deepest, and most northerly of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior has been home to the Ojibwe people for over 500 years. An Ojibway legend identifies the Sleeping Giant as Nanabijou, who was turned to stone when the secret location of a rich silver mine was disclosed.

Thunder Bay's central location in the centre of the continent and at the head of the Great Lakes made it a natural meeting and trading site as far back as the Paleo-Indian civilization 11,000 years ago.

The first Europeans arrived in the 17th century and established a series of fur trading posts at the place they named Baie de Tonnere, or Thunder Bay.

In 1798, the North West Company built Fort William near the mouth of the Kaministiquia River, which quickly became a lively community of Scottish traders, French voyageurs and Native trappers.

Today, that era is revisited at Fort William Historical Park, one of Canada's Top 10 Visitor Attractions.