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As a safe and friendly border city, our visitors have the unique opportunity to enjoy a potpourri of wide ranging activities. From recreational programs, to amateur and professional sporting events, major entertainment, live theatre, protected marinas, boat cruises, cultural events, casinos, horse racing, fishing, sports tournaments, cross country skiing, skating, winter carnivals, the Celebration of Lights, etc., Sarnia has what you are looking for.

When it comes to golf, Sarnia and area is the Myrtle Beach of the north. Within an easy drive, you will discover dozens of the finest public golf courses in both countries, all reasonably priced. Enjoy Gaming? Sarnia has one of the finest harness racing tracks in Canada, complemented by over four hundred and fifty slot machines. Our neighbouring municipality has a full service Charity Casino containing hundreds of slots and a variety of gaming tables.

Sarnia is also one of Ontario's principal gateways to the United States and is located across the St. Clair River from the state of Michigan, just an hour northeast of Detroit. Our modern rail tunnel and twin Bluewater Bridges form an important transportation system for one of the busiest commercial border crossings in the world. Sarnia's proximity to the United States provides an international flavour to our city and provides our visitors with the unique opportunity to enjoy the amenities of both countries.

Sarnia was originally called The Rapids but was renamed Port Sarnia in 1836 by Sir John Colborne. Port Sarnia became the Town of Sarnia on June 19, 1856 and was elevated to city status on May 7, 1914. On January 1, 1991, the City of Sarnia and the Town of Clearwater (formerly the Township of Sarnia) amalgamated to create the city as we know it today.

The City of Sarnia is located in the southwestern region of the Province of Ontario, on the Canada-U.S. international border. The City is bordered by Lake Huron to the north and by the St. Clair River to the west. Sarnia also surrounds the Village of Point Edward, a small waterfront community with a population of 2,257. Sarnia is conveniently and strategically located about an hour's drive west of London, Ontario, and about an hour northeast of Detroit, Michigan. The twinned span of the Blue Water International Bridge, constructed between Point Edward and Port Huron, Michigan, is a vital transportation link between Ontario's highway system and the State of Michigan. Sarnia is connected eastward to key markets in the Great Lakes Industrial Corridor via Highway 402 and other 400 series highways. Westward, Highway 402 connects directly to the NAFTA superhighway into Mexico via Michigan's Interstate 94/69/75 network and the Blue Water Bridge.

The climate of Sarnia is considered a mild climate for Canadian standards. Winters are mild to cold and summers are warm to hot/humid. Lake Huron can create large temperature differences within the city in spring and early summer. Humidex readings can be quite high at times from late May to late September. Thunderstorms can become quite severe from April to September. The area enjoys a longer growing season than cities at similar latitudes, such as London, Ontario; Madison, Wisconsin; or Lansing, Michigan due to the lake influence. The mild climate of Sarnia is one of the reasons that Sarnia has attracted retirees.

The twinned Bluewater Bridges over the St. Clair River provide the gateway between Michigan and Ontario. Sarnia is located just minutes from the Canadian Customs checkpoint. In order to assist you with the estimated time to cross the bridge and provide you with information on entering Canada, duties, goods, restrictions, etc., we have provided a quick link to the Bluewater Bridge website. If you have any questions about entering Canada, this site will be of great assistance. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for all major highways in Ontario. By connecting to their site, you will be able to obtain immediate information on road conditions, road closures, road slow downs, etc. If you have any questions about the status of the roads you will be traveling, the MTO site will be of great assistance.