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This is a list of major roads in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The city is organized in a grid pattern . Most streets are aligned in the north-south or east-west direction, based on the alignment with Lake Ontario. In other words, major north-south arterial roads are generally perpendicular to the Lake Ontario shoreline and major east-west arterial roads are generally parallel to the lake's shoreline. The Toronto road system is also influenced by its topography and there are many diagonal streets.

East-west roads

The following roads generally run east-west with few perturbations. They are ordered south to north.
  • Queen's Quay (listed as a contour road)
  • Gardiner Expressway
  • Lake Shore Boulevard (listed as a contour road)
  • Front Street (listed as a contour road) / Eastern Avenue (listed as a contour road)
  • Wellington Street
  • King Street (listed as a contour road)
  • Adelaide Street (one-way since 1958)
  • Richmond Street (one-way since 1958)
  • Queen Street West (west of Roncesvalles Avenue, it becomes The Queensway, and east of Yonge Street, it becomes Queen Street East)
  • Shuter Street
  • Dundas Street (listed as a contour road)
  • Gerrard Street (listed as a contour road)
  • College Street, east of Yonge Street to east of Parliament Street, it is called Carlton Street
  • Wellesley Street
  • Hoskin Avenue / Harbord Street
  • Bloor Street
  • Danforth Avenue
  • Hallam Street
  • Dupont Street / Annette Street
  • Davenport Road (listed as a contour road)
  • Burnhamthorpe Road
  • O'Connor Drive (listed as a contour road)
  • St. Clair Avenue
  • Davisville Avenue
  • Millwood Road (listed as a contour road)
  • Rogers Road (listed as a contour road)
  • Eglinton Avenue
  • Roselawn Avenue / Castlefield Avenue
  • Glencairn Avenue
  • Lawrence Avenue
  • Ellesmere Road (east to west, Ellesmere Road, Parkwoods Village Drive, York Mills Road, Wilson Avenue, and Walsh Avenue combine to make a single route)
  • York Mills Road
  • Wilson Avenue
  • Highway 401
  • Sheppard Avenue
  • Finch Avenue
  • Steeles Avenue

North-south roads

  • East Avenue
  • Port Union Road
  • Centennial Road
  • Meadowvale Road
  • Bennett Road / Morrish Road / Reesor Road
  • Manse Road / Conlins Road / Sewells Road
  • Morningside Avenue
  • Galloway Road / Staines Road
  • Orton Park Road / Neilson Road
  • Markham Road
  • Bellamy Road / Middlefield Road
  • McCowan Road
  • Brimley Road
  • Midland Avenue
  • Kennedy Road
  • Birchmount Road
  • Warden Avenue
  • Pharmacy Avenue
  • Victoria Park Avenue
  • Main Street (see East Toronto article)
  • Woodbine Avenue / Highway 404
  • Coxwell Avenue
  • Greenwood Avenue
  • Leslie Street / Donlands Avenue
  • Pape Avenue
  • Carlaw Avenue
  • De Grassi Street (a notable side street)
  • Laird Drive
  • Broadview Avenue (listed as a contour road)
  • Bayview Avenue
  • Cherry Street
  • Parliament Street
  • Sherbourne Street
  • Mount Pleasant Road
  • Jarvis Street
  • Church Street (see Church and Wellesley)
  • Yonge Street
  • Bay Street
  • University Avenue
  • Avenue Road
  • Bedford Road
  • John Street
  • Beverley Street
  • St. George Street
  • Spadina Avenue
  • Lippincott Street (see Harbord Village article)
  • Bathurst Street
  • Palmerston Boulevard
  • Christie Street (listed as a contour road)
  • Allen Road
  • Ossington Avenue / Marlee Avenue
  • Oakwood Avenue (see Oakwood-Vaughan article)
  • Dovercourt Road
  • Dufferin Street
  • Jameson Avenue / Lansdowne Avenue
  • Caledonia Road
  • Roncesvalles Avenue (listed as a contour road)
  • Keele Street
  • Runnymede Road
  • Jane Street
  • Highway 400
  • Royal York Road
  • Islington Avenue
  • Kipling Avenue
  • Martin Grove Road
  • Highway 27
  • Highway 427

Contour or diagonal roads

These roads generally do not follow the city's grid pattern. They are ordered alphabetically.
  • Albion Road
  • Alness Street
  • Black Creek Drive
  • Bremner Boulevard
  • Broadview Avenue
  • Chaplin Crescent
  • Christie Street
  • Claxton Boulevard (see the Humewood-Cedarvale article)
  • Cummer Avenue
  • Danforth Road
  • Davenport Road
  • Don Mills Road
  • Don Valley Parkway
  • Driftwood Avenue
  • Dundas Street
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Faywood Boulevard
  • Front Street
  • Gerrard Street
  • Grandravine Drive
  • Highway 2A
  • Highway 409
  • Huntingwood Drive
  • King Street
  • Kingston Road
  • The Kingsway (see The Kingsway neighbourhood)
  • Lake Shore Boulevard
  • McNicoll Avenue
  • Millwood Road
  • Middlefield Road
  • O'Connor Drive
  • Overlea Boulevard
  • Old Weston Road
  • Park Lawn Road
  • Queen's Quay
  • Raymore Drive
  • Rogers Road
  • Roncesvalles Avenue
  • St. Phillips Road
  • Scarlett Road
  • Sentinel Road
  • The Queensway
  • Van Horne Avenue
  • Vaughan Road
  • Weston Road
  • Wilmington Avenue
  • Wilson Heights Boulevard
  • The Westway
  • Yonge Boulevard

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