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AirwayManagement Other : # 10MASM AM Aligner  , 1/pk AirwayManagement Other : # 10MASM AM Aligner  , 1/pk-/catalog/AirWay/am-aligner-01
AirwayManagement Other : # 10MASM AM Aligner  , 1/pk-/catalog/AirWay/am-aligner-01

AM Aligner

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AirwayManagement Other : # 10MASM AM Aligner , 1/pk

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Product Overview

After the lower jaw has been held forward for several hours, patients may need help finding their original bite position when the TAP is taken out. The AM Aligner is a device used after the TAP (or any appliance) is worn. It exercises and repositions the patients jaw back into alignment. By using the AM Aligner every morning, the risk of causing a permanent bite change can be reduced.The AM Aligner is constructed from a thermoplastic material that, when heated, can be molded onto the upper teeth by the clinician. It should be fitted at the same time as the TAP delivery and should be worn every morning after wearing the TAP (or any oral appliance) to reposition the jaw and teeth back to the patients original bite. The AM Aligner: Will re-establish the proper fit of the teeth Is constructed of a unique thermoplastic material that can be fitted in the dental office Can be used as a jaw repositioning aid after use of ANY mandibular appliance use

AirwayManagement Other : # 10MASM AM Aligner , 1/pk

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Thanks Alex, Order placed. Excellent service. Thank-you.

John McIntyre Brantford, Ontario

Excellent service

Sara at the Barrie location is excellent & informative.Explaining to me the pro & cons of masks that will work with my sleeping habits. Very happy with their service & professionalism, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they allow me to test trial cpap masks for free before you buy without any obligation. I found my go to for future purchase’s. Thank for all your help. Joe Barrie Ontario

Joe Barrie Ontario

They are always good to deal with and are cheaper than the place at the south end of Barrie.

Brenda & Bob Scott BARRIE