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KEGO Accessories : # 900507 Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow KEGO Accessories : # 900507 Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow -/catalog/accessories/900507-01
KEGO Accessories : # 900507 Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow -/catalog/accessories/900507-01

Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow

KEGO Accessories : # 900507 Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow

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Product Overview

Make CPAP Easy with the Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0. Now features 50% More Surface Area and ergonomic design to promote proper positioning. Improved pressure free zones to prevent shifting and leaks. Fiberfill pillow top surface provides your bed pillow not only with CPAPcompliance but improves your comfort 50% wider sleeping support area Improved no pressure pocket shape, better accommodates newCPAP Masks Extended hose tether is 3” longer to provide better hose controlthroughout the night to help reduce pulling and pressure on your mask Updated precious cut foam offers stable surface and qualityedge positioning Ultimate adjustable CPAP comfort

KEGO Accessories : # 900507 Contour CPAPmax 2.0 Pillow

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CPAP Users Testimonials


I love the promptmess of the order. Considering I do not live in a large city, I still receive my order in a speedy fashion. Also the quality of the product keeps me coming back.

mary Rosthern, Sask65

excellent service and inventory

I received my first CPAP machine in April 2020. The provider didn t have inventory on the mask I requested. I understand the COVID pandemic played a factor and after two weeks of waiting and no contact regarding the mask on back-order, my daughter contacted you and had my mask in hand within 24 hours. She drove from my place in Vineland, ON to the store location in Mississauga, ON to pick up the mask she had reserved for me over the phone the day before. Thank you so much for helping me ease into the use of this machine.

Pia Vineland, ON

Best prices and service around

Love this place, they ship quick and have the best prices. Unfortunately my work benefits no longer have this company on their list for reimbursement so I either have to pay out of pocket here or buy from a place that is on their list which their prices are normally 3 to 4 times higher and then I will get reimbursed 100% of what I paid. No wonder insurance prices are so high. The insurance company through my work would rather pay 3 times more for a product I need than this company that has decent prices.